Creative Technology

Do you know that intriguing feeling that comes over you when you know what you are seeing, doing or experiencing is special? That fascination, that wonder, that almost childlike feeling of excitement and joy? That moment when you discover and learn something new?

We build apps, websites, audio and multimedia guides, interactives and other cool stuff for museums and sites. Making memories with wonderful stories, beautiful content and immersive experiences.

Audio & multimedia guides

Self-guided interpretative audio and multimedia guides. Select one of our ready-to-use guiding solutions which can be customised to reflect your identity. Or let us create a truly unique experience with our made-to-order development services. And the best part is: you are in full control with our unique and multi-purpose content platform.

On-site & in-exhibition technology

Curious and with a healthy dose of imagination, our experience and interface designers are experts in creating unique and memorable visitor experiences. From touchscreen interactives to playful spaces. We install technology and installations on-site and in-exhibition to create immersive experiences for visitors to engage with your stories. 

Web & mobile development

We love technology! Our highly skilled development team creates beautiful and well-designed experiences for web and mobile. We love to experiment with new technology and apply it in such a way to help you deliver your stories in an immersive and memorable way. Success guaranteed.

Multimedia content production

Traditional voice-over audio productions, immersive binaural audio productions, 360 video & photography, gigapixel imagery, 3D scanning & modelling and AR/VR productions. We create stunning content to tell your stories. Together with dozens of partners and skilled professionals we produce all your multilingual content requirements from A to Z.

Dedicated hardware solutions

Together with our carefully selected partners we offer a broad range of hardware solutions. Ranging from robust hand-held audio and multimedia equipment to interactive touch tables and multi-sensory tech installations. We provide turn-key solutions for all your digital, interactive and immersive experiences.