The Groninger Museum enhances visitor experiences with the Groninger Museum app. With the app visitors can enjoy rich content about the museum, the exhibitions and the works of art on display.


While the visitors explore the museum, the app unlocks engaging content and actions relevant to their location. Providing the visitor with everything they need to know about the beautiful architecture of the museum building, the museum’s collection and changing exhibitions.

An unforgettable and unique experience.


Smart devices and new technologies are a major opportunity for museums to educate and entertain museum visitors and interact with them before, during and after their visit. The Groninger Museum app is designed to create an immersive museum experience and captivate visitors by enhancing the physical exhibition environment with rich interactive content. Transforming the museum experience into an adventure in which visitors discover the unique stories about exhibits and revealing what the artists want the visitors to see.

Self-guided tour

Visitors can wonder around in the museum while the app searches for specific content relevant to the location of the visitor. Engaging content is presented whenever it is available, for example about the exhibit the visitor is approaching. Or any other information relevant to that specific location like details about the amazing museum building.

Contextual notifications

The Groninger Museum app pushes contextual and personalized notifications to visitors at any desired location in the museum. For example a notification to welcome visitors when entering the museum, to inform about a guided tour which is about to start when approaching the information desk or a lecture which will be given in the auditorium when passing by.

“With the Groninger Museum app we increased the number of touchpoints with our visitors, enabling us to enhance the visitor experience with personalized interactions and improving the educational value of the museum.”

Andreas Blühm, Museum Director, Groninger Museum


With the Management Dashboard the museum has full control over all features and content in the app. The Tapart platform allows the Groninger Museum to create and manage content and actions in real-time, without having to update the app. A perfect solution for the Groninger Museum as it primarily shows temporary exhibitions.

The visual layout of the app is very flexible thanks to the Tapart builder. The builder enables the museum to Drag-and-Drop content elements in any desired order without limitations. Every employee can create beautiful and unique layouts for the app without having to write a single line of code.

Analyzing visitor interactions

The Management Dashboard enables the museum to analyze visitor movements and interactions. The Tapart platform collects information about museum visitors, providing detailed insights such as foot traffic and popular objects. Valuable information for the Groninger Museum to further improve the visitor experience. Heatmaps and realtime visitor movements are displayed on maps of the location, which can be used for crowd control purposes as well.

The Management Dashboard enables the museum to manage content & actions and provides the museum with detailed insights in visitor movements and interactions.


The App utilizes iBeacon technology to determine a visitor’s location inside the museum enabling the App to present relevant information and actions for that specific location. These Bluetooth transmitters are placed throughout the museum, 150 in total. Whenever a visitor is in range of an iBeacon the App will pickup its signal and search for corresponding actions to present to the user.

From pilot to permanent system

We have been testing the Tapart platform for a year at the Groninger Museum to research how iBeacon technology works in a real-world museum environment. This provided us with detailed insights in how iBeacon signals and accuracy are affected by physical structures, environments and changing circumstances. All the experience and knowledge gained from this pilot is used to create a strong foundation for our iBeacon platform Tapart. The Groninger Museum is the first implementation of the Tapart platform, and that makes us really proud!



Download the app for your smartphone or tablet. Available in the App Store and on Google Play




Visitors of the museum who do not carry a compatible device can rent an iPod running the Groninger Museum app. We provided the museum with fully installed devices including a multi-unit charging station. The iPods have a special casing which is designed to fit the charging station. The implementation included a staff training about all app details and how to use the rental devices.