Unique Visitor Experiences

Enhancing the Visitor Journey

The visitor journey is a cycle of opportunities for museums to communicate and interact with visitors. Tapart enhances the visitor journey by enabling museums to create truly unique and personalized experiences for its visitors.

Interaction & Engagement

Visitors are now able to really interact and engage with a museum through their smartphone or tablet and the Tapart platform.

Unique Experiences

Create unique and personalized experiences with engaging content like video, audio, imagery, detailed information and notifications.

Maximize Educational Value

Reveal what the artists and the museum want the visitors to see, giving them a better understanding of the objects on display.




Innovating with iBeacons

Tapart innovates with iBeacons to unlock content and interactions to museum visitors whenever it is available.

iBeacons are small wireless and battery-powered devices with a radio transmitter. They broadcast Bluetooth Low Energy signals over short distances which can be detected by compatible devices like smartphones and tablets. This enables contextual awareness for the Tapart app.

Context-aware Notifications

Notify visitors with information at specific locations in the museum when it is most relevant.

Location-based Content & Actions

Trigger engaging content and interactions when visitors approach specific locations or objects in the museum. No more scanning codes or entering exhibit numbers.

Indoor Positioning

Pinpoint the location of a visitor on a digital map of the museum and provide GPS-like directions for indoor wayfinding.

The Tapart App

Tapart is developed specifically for museums to connect the physical museum environment with digital content and interactions. The App is a visitor’s personal guide unlocking engaging content during the Visitor Journey. Visitors are now able to really interact and engage with a museum through their smartphone or tablet and the Tapart platform.

Tapart extends the exhibition with an interactive experience on smartphones and tablets.


Location-based Content & Actions

Trigger engaging content and interactions when visitors approach specific locations and objects in the museum. A truly unique and interactive experience inside and outside the museum.

Indoor Positioning

Navigate visitors through the museum with GPS-like directions during thematic and self-guided tours. Show visitor’s their location on a digital map of the museum and highlight points-of-interest.



Multilingual Support

Supports unlimited languages for all international visitors. Offer content in the language your visitors prefer. Mulitlingual content can easily be added in the Tapart Management Dashboard.

Tapart Management Dashboard

White-label App

The Tapart App is white-label and therefore highly customizable. Upload the museum identity and customize the look and feel of the App accordingly.


Manage content, interactions and notifications for specific locations and scenario’s in the museum environment.


Set-up the iBeacon infrastructure, which we call the ‘Beacosystem’. Configure, calibrate and manage the iBeacons in real-time.


Detailed insights of visitor interactions with the museum environment. Analyse foot traffic with a heatmap of the infrastructure.



Configuring and calibrating iBeacons in a physical environment is our specialty. With our extensive knowledge and experience, gained in various environments, we take care of the iBeacon infrastructure in the museum for the best visitor experience.

Content Production

We know that the best user experience requires quality content. Our partners, who we carefully selected, create premium content. We work together with scriptwriters, copy writers, translators, voice-over & video studios, interaction designers and photographers.

Smart Devices & Hardware

Not every visitor carries a compatible smart device. With our Smart Device service we offer Multimedia Carriers, like iPod touch or iPad mini, which can be used by visitors. Including chargingracks and -stations for the devices to make sure they are safely stored and fully charged when needed.


The Tapart platform can be customized with new and unique features for your museum. Get in touch to discover what we can do for your museum.

“Every day our visitors use the Groninger Museum app with much pleasure”

Andreas Blühm, Museum Director, Groninger Museum

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